I created the Through Bullying podcast to help amplify the voices of those affected by bullying. My intention is to learn how to address, manage and solve bullying challenges by understanding different perspectives from different angles. By having these conversations we can begin to piece together some of the root causes of bullying, and ways that people manage and work through the trauma they’ve experienced.

You can listen to these episodes for free, either in the player below (see brief descriptions below also), on the Buzzsprout website or on your preferred podcast service.

Comprehensive written summaries of each episode can be found HERE

Brief episode summaries for Through Bullying Podcast

1. Introduction and discussion on bullying education

A brief introduction to the podcast and thoughts about how bullying can be addressed in education

2. Dealing with assault: a 10 year old vs seven boys

Chatting with a wonderful boy about his experience being attacked by seven kids at school. His inner strength is an inspiration

3. A mother’s perspective on assault and bullying

Interviewing the mother of the boy from the previous episode to gain more insight into the situation, and how parenting techniques and family support affects a child’s ability to manage difficult situations

4. Chronic bullying: from crisis to advocacy

Exploring a severe case of physical and emotional bullying which nearly destroyed a teen’s life. The young man struggled through his trauma and began to speak out and advocate for others who may be in a similar situation

5. Decades lost, and found: rag dolls and rage

An older woman reflects back on her difficult and traumatic childhood, filled with abuse and bullying in her family and at school. She shares just how long it has taken her to work through these difficult experiences, and shares a message of hope that it’s never too late

6. A social worker’s perspective on at-risk youth

A social worker shares her personal and professional experience working with kids who are struggling to manage emotional trauma associated with past abuse and bullying. She shares insight into how this sort of trauma can result in kids developing self-destructive behaviour which can even lead to things like criminal acts. It becomes clear how important support systems are in helping these kids, teens and young adults improve their situations

7. A bully’s perspective: kindness is key

An illuminating conversation with a woman who had bullied others in her past. She is now passionate about helping and supporting kids who may be on a similar path, or who are being targeted by bullying behaviour. Her story highlights how a difficult childhood and emotional trauma can lead kids to turn to bullying as a defense mechanism. She believes that empathy, compassion and kindness are critical in addressing bullying from both sides

8 and 9. The real reasons karate helps with bullying

I have a conversation with a karate instructor to understand how martial arts can help people manage bullying and conflict. I also provide commentary from my own life and experiences and discuss how I believe training in karate can help. It’s not in the way you think

10. Conquering workplace bullying with Dr. Tracy

Dr. Tracy is a highly experienced professional coach who has been helping people work through their professional and personal challenges for decades. He talks about workplace bullying, and compares it to bullying between children. He gives some honest commentary about what can be done to manage workplace bullying

11. Teacher’s and parent’s toolbox: bullyproofing techniques

A retired teacher reflects on her years of experience in the classroom and her observations and opinions surrounding how to address bullying in schools

12. Bullied to bodybuilder: a story for teen girls

A woman who experienced bullying in school used bodybuilding as a way of coping and managing her emotional challenges. She reflects on some of the struggles teen girls experience, and what kinds of supports they may need

13. Racism – bridging the divide

Racism is a difficult topic and I am so grateful for my guest’s openness and honesty in discussing her experience as a visible minority. There are so many great insights to be learned through this conversation

What’s next for the Through Bullying Podcast?

At this time the podcast is in between seasons. I would love to continue having conversations with people who have first hand experience with bullying to include in the next season of the Through Bullying Podcast.

Contact me, or book a free consultation to share your story!


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