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Alex Senson

Certified Professional Coach, MBiotech, HBSc



My purpose is to uncover and amplify your brilliance and true potential by helping you to develop motivation, build new skills, discover opportunities, solve challenges, feel positive and ultimately empower you to achieve your personal and professional goals and dreams.

I’ve coached and mentored over 1000 small business founders and CEOs through their ups and downs. I have a broad and diverse set of skills, training, knowledge and most importantly – lived experience.

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I specialize in

Career, financial and personal coaching for success, effectiveness, happiness

Leadership and business coaching for business leaders, teams, and employees

Motivation, conflict and change management, communication, positive psychology

Mental health and bullying challenges, introverts, personal empowerment, mindfulness and wellness exercises 

what sets me apart?

I use a holistic approach for Sanchin Coaching combining concepts from traditional coaching methodology, behavioral science, positive psychology, mindfulness, visualization, behavioral finance, lean business strategy and even ancient martial arts warrior training principles.

These concepts combined with my study and experience with human conflict, anxiety and bullying give me a broad and unique perspective that is applicable to many people’s situations. We learn the most important lessons directly through our own struggles and challenges.

I care about you. I see your brilliance and potential. I’ll help you be the best you can be so you feel successful, happy and fulfilled in your career and life in general. 

Come on a journey with me – you’re not alone


The most unique, robust, detailed and life-changing self-discovery and self-improvement course you’ll find anywhere, with tons of practice exercises

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mindful fitness

For those who are looking to get motivated and moving I run a very unique fitness program that is complementary for each of my coaching clients

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one on one

Work through specific challenges and difficult obstacles with an expert coach. Achieve success and fulfillment in your career and life

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Contact me for team coaching, leadership coaching, or small business / founder / CEO support. I also run a specialized team-building seminar

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transform the way you understand yourself and others, and you’ll be able to expertly resolve challenges and conflict while finding opportunities everywhere


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  • Manage big life and career transitions
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Confidently make decisions
  • Develop sustained motivation
  • Blast through challenges and obstacles
  • Feel more positive and optimistic
  • Effectively achieve your goals

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  • Feel free and in control
  • Develop and refine professional skills
  • Become an amazing leader
  • Manage conflict effectively
  • Problem solve expertly
  • Conquer fears and self-doubt
  • Reduce frustration and anger

chalk board with "success - go get it" written

  • Feel happy, content, fulfilled
  • Balance work, family, leisure
  • Avoid burning out 
  • Develop internal strength, resilience 
  • Love who you are
  • See life from a fresh perspective
  • Improve interpersonal relationships

transform yourself

Sanchin coaching is about personal and professional transformation. It’s not a small change like learning one new skill. It can be a meaningful, sustained and life-changing experience. You’ll turn negativity into positivity. You’ll transform challenges into opportunities. You’ll change bad feelings and negative emotions into hope, joy and contentment. You don’t need to feel stress and pressure to achieve success. 

There’s one common truth about the following: hope, success, motivation, effectiveness, happiness, achievement and harmony. It’s that they all come from within yourself – you just need to know how and where to look. You need to know the tools that nobody taught you in school. 


invest in yourself

If you invest in yourself, it’ll pay dividends for life. Commit to that investment, and I’ll commit to investing in you. 

Investing in yourself will make you feel rich, inside and out.


take the first small step

transform your leadership skills – effectively and confidently inspire and motivate people. With a new set of eyes you’ll understand people like never before, seeing unlimited opportunities for growth

we are all leaders 

Leaders inspire, encourage, develop or act as shining examples for other people. They show strength and infectious optimism, solving challenges and finding opportunities. Everyone can be a leader to someone whether that’s a part of their professional career or in their personal life.

Effective leaders have a growth mindset and spend time and energy understanding themselves. When we understand ourselves deeply we also have the ability to understand others better. This is how we develop functional empathy, compassion and interpersonal relationship management skills. 

Leaders like you and me are just ordinary people who have a set of tools they use to effectively manage their own challenges, stresses, anxieties, uncertainties and doubts so they can focus on positively impacting others. Participating in a robust coaching program, or opting for one on one coaching will greatly improve your leadership skills.

Sanchin Coaching makes great people feel like superheroes! anything becomes possible.

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