What does Sanchin mean?

Sanchin coaching gets its name from a traditional martial arts form (kata) called Sanchin. When people practice this form, they are effectively learning about and developing their mind, body and spirit. Sanchin means “three battles” – and the interpretation is that a person is fighting to unite their mind, body and spirit so they can become whole and know themselves on an intuitive and visceral level. 

In order to become as effective, successful and happy in life as we want to, we need to understand ourselves inside and out. A lot of our struggles and challenges come from how our human nature affects us. How our fight and flight mechanisms affect us – our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. These systems can sometimes become out of balance (chronically activated fight and flight response) leading to stress, anxiety and lower overall effectiveness and happiness. 

Sanchin is a way to “exercise” your human nature and learn to harness and channel your internal energy (spirit) into positive and productive things like intrinsic motivation and passion. We can learn to use our explosive and powerful survival energy to grow and develop – to become motivated, curios and optimistic, rather than letting it keep us trapped feeling angry, frustrated, hopeless or otherwise negative. 

I’ve combined traditional psychology, science and coaching methodology with these martial arts concepts to create a unique, powerful and effective process of coaching individuals to uncover their true brilliance.

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“Thinking energy” – positivity, manage mental roadblocks, define success, growth mindset, neuroplasticity, self-worth, identity, problem solving, opportunity


“Feeling energy” – stress reduction, anxiety management, visceral mind-body connection, intuitive learning, calmness, strength and stability, confidence


“Doing energy” – intrinsic motivation, purpose, hope, fighting spirit, empathy, invigoration, feel alive!