Alex Senson

CPC, MBiotech, HBSc

A good coaching relationship starts from a place of trust so I’d like to share a bit about myself with you. My personal experience is what really sets me apart. I have  academic credentials and years professional coaching experience with over 1000 startup CEOs and entrepreneurs. But, it’s the balance between credentials, professional experience and personal struggle that makes me an effective coach.

who am I?

I am a deeply curious, logical, patient and empathetic person who wants to believe the world and the people in it are infinitely amazing and beautiful, full of potential and opportunity. But I know that that sounds idealistic and that things can be very hard and often negative. As you’ll see below I definitely didn’t always see the world positively – and that made things hard for me. Do you feel like things are mostly easy, or mostly hard for you? 

Being naturally introverted, my own struggles with anxiety and bullying in my past led me down a bit of a dark path at first, but through many years of hard work and effort I’ve grown tremendously. As hard as it was, it was worth it! Things that seemed simply impossible before are now possible.

By working with a professional coach myself, I’ve discovered my purpose, my passion, my personal super powers and motivation. I realized just how important it was to have an experienced person as a guide – someone to help me get ‘unstuck’. 

I know what it’s like to struggle with low motivation, anxiety, hopelessness, fear, anger, resentment, rejection, low confidence, frustration, negativity, low energy, indecisiveness, and many other challenges. You aren’t alone in whatever you are dealing with, big or small. Empathy is one of my greatest assets in my coaching toolbox. 

life can feel like a battle sometimes

I am a gentle and non-violent person, yet as a result of being bullied I got myself into martial arts training (karate). Imagine dedicating 20+ years to martial arts when you don’t like fighting! It was hard to say the least, but the process has led me to discover more about people and myself than I could have possibly imagined. 

Life can feel like a battle sometimes, and studying fighting made me understand how to fight for myself from the inside out. I’ve learned where my confidence, energy and motivation lives and how to bring them out. Even though I can’t control circumstances and people’s actions in the world, I can control what I think and how I feel and that allows me to feel free, in control and happy. I’ve developed an entire coaching process based on what I learned from my martial arts experience. I want to help you do the same.

choose to see miracles

I also love animals, nature, science and just generally being alive. I try to see small but amazing miracles every day, everywhere. No matter how bad a day I’m having, it doesn’t change this fact. When you see beauty like this in the world, it’s impossible to ‘unsee’ it. I want to help you see the world this way – it makes things so much easier.

explore your universe

Whenever I look up at the stars and think about the universe we live in, I am reminded that all of us also have an equally infinite and deep universe that exists within ourselves. My job as a coach is to help you explore and navigate yours. You’re bigger on the inside – what will you find? Purpose? Happiness? Success? Fulfilment? Perhaps you’ll discover that you can feel as strong, grand and majestic as a giant sequoia on the inside.

Standing in front of a giant redwood tree

Effort and courage are not enough without purpose and direction

John f kennedy

this is my purpose, what’s yours?

I will strive to help people recognize, uncover and cultivate their internal brilliance and true selves with the goal of helping them see amazing things in themselves or others they could not see before.

I will both demonstrate and encourage empathy, compassion, balance, curiosity, exploration, experimentation and harmony. I will always seek the objective truth, and dig beneath the abstractions of reality.

I will use my techniques and philosophies to help myself and others effectively manage all forms of conflict in life by studying the root source of it: our innate human nature, and dimensions of fear. I will stand against and reject violence and hatred.

I will use my knowledge and experience to help others in an effort to improve the collective human experience.


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